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Download as PDF Printable version. Eurasian lynx Lynx lynx. Lynx Kerr , Felis lynx Linnaeus , Wikispecies has information related to Lynx.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lynx. Atilax Marsh mongoose A. Crocuta Spotted hyena C. Large family listed below.

Small family listed below. Panthera Lion P. Chrotogale Owston's palm civet C. All rights reserved.

The lynx is a solitary cat that haunts the remote northern forests of North America, Europe, and Asia. Lynx are covered with beautiful thick fur that keeps them warm during frigid winters.

Their large paws are also furry and hit the ground with a spreading toe motion that makes them function as natural snowshoes. There are several species of lynx.

Weight typically ranges from 10 to 20 kg 22 to 44 pounds , though Eurasian lynx are often larger. In all species males are larger than females.

Nocturnal and silent except during the mating season, lynx live alone or in small groups. They climb and swim well and feed on birds and small mammals.

The bobcat and the Eurasian lynx will take larger prey such as deer. The Canada lynx depends heavily on the snowshoe hare Lepus americanus for food, and its population increases and decreases regularly every 9 or 10 years, relative to the population of its prey.

Lynx breed in late winter or early spring, and a litter of one to six young is born after a gestation period of approximately two months.

Three species have life spans of at least 13 years in the wild, but most Eurasian lynx rarely live longer than 10—12 years.

The coat of the bobcat L. The coat also harbours dark streaks and spots, and the short tail, for which the bobcat is named, is banded with a black tip.

The bobcat, roughly the size of a large domestic cat , is the smallest lynx. It weighs 9—12 kg about 20—26 pounds and stands 45—58 cm 18—23 inches tall at the shoulder, and most individuals grow up to 65—70 cm 26—28 inches in length; however, some as small as 47 cm about 19 inches long and as large as cm about 49 inches have been sighted.

The habitat of the bobcat is primarily in the continental United States , except for the agricultural heartland of the Midwest and parts of the East Coast, where they were hunted aggressively during the first half of the 20th century.

The species also inhabits Mexico as far south as the states of Oaxaca and Baja California Sur and is found as far north as southern Canada.

Despite thousands of bobcats being harvested annually in the United States for the commercial fur trade, population numbers have not declined appreciably.

While its conservation status has been classified as " least concern ", populations of Eurasian lynx have been reduced or extirpated from Europe, where it is now being reintroduced.

The Eurasian lynx is the third largest predator in Europe after the brown bear and the grey wolf. It is a strict carnivore , consuming about one or two kilograms of meat every day.

The Eurasian lynx is one of the widest-ranging. During the summer, the Eurasian lynx has a relatively short, reddish or brown coat which is replaced by a much thicker silver-grey to greyish-brown coat during winter.

The lynx hunts by stalking and jumping on its prey, helped by the rugged, forested country in which it resides.

A favorite prey for the lynx in its woodland habitat is roe deer. It will feed however on whatever animal appears easiest, as it is an opportunistic predator much like its cousins.

The Canada lynx Lynx canadensis , or Canadian lynx, is a North American felid that ranges in forest and tundra regions [14] across Canada and into Alaska , as well as some parts of the northern United States.

Historically, the Canadian lynx ranged from Alaska across Canada and into many of the northern U. In the eastern states, it resided in the transition zone in which boreal coniferous forests yielded to deciduous forests.

Fish and Wildlife Service designated the Canada lynx a threatened species in the lower 48 states.

The Canada lynx is a good climber and swimmer; it constructs rough shelters under fallen trees or rock ledges.

It has a thick coat and broad paws, and is twice as effective as the bobcat at supporting its weight on the snow. The Canada lynx feeds almost exclusively on snowshoe hares ; its population is highly dependent on the population of this prey animal.

It will also hunt medium-sized mammals and birds if hare numbers fall. It was the most endangered cat species in the world, [20] but conservation efforts have changed its status from critical to endangered.

According to the Portuguese conservation group SOS Lynx, if this species dies out, it will be the first feline extinction since the Smilodon 10, years ago.

Both species occurred together in central Europe in the Pleistocene epoch, being separated by habitat choice.

In , a Spanish government survey showed just two isolated breeding populations of Iberian lynx in southern Spain, totaling about lynx including only 25 breeding females.

As a result of the Spanish government program and efforts by others such as the WWF and the EU's Life projects , the Iberian lynx "has recovered from the brink of extinction"; [25] from to , the population of Iberian lynx more than tripled.

The bobcat Lynx rufus is a North American wild cat. With 13 recognized subspecies, the bobcat is common throughout southern Canada, the continental United States , and northern Mexico.

The bobcat resembles other species of the genus Lynx , but is on average the smallest of the four. Its coat is variable, though generally tan to grayish brown, with black streaks on the body and dark bars on the forelegs and tail.

The ears are black-tipped and pointed, with short, black tufts. There is generally an off-white color on the lips, chin, and underparts.

Bobcats in the desert regions of the southwest have the lightest-colored coats, while those in the northern, forested regions have the darkest.

The lynx is usually solitary, although a small group of lynx may travel and hunt together occasionally. Mating takes place in the late winter and once a year the female gives birth to between one and four kittens.

The gestation time of the lynx is about 70 days. The young stay with the mother for one more winter, a total of around nine months, before moving out to live on their own as young adults.

The lynx creates its den in crevices or under ledges. It feeds on a wide range of animals from white-tailed deer , reindeer , roe deer , small red deer , and chamois , to smaller, more usual prey: snowshoe hares , fish , foxes , sheep , squirrels , mice , turkeys and other birds , and goats.

It also eats ptarmigans , voles , and grouse. The lynx inhabits high altitude forests with dense cover of shrubs, reeds, and tall grass.

Although this cat hunts on the ground, it can climb trees and can swim swiftly, catching fish. In Iran , they live in Mount Damavand area.

In both countries, the lynx is listed as an endangered species and protected by law. Several lynx resettlement projects begun in the s have been successful in various regions of Switzerland.

Since the s, there have been numerous efforts to resettle the Eurasian lynx in Germany , and since , a small population can now be found in the Harz mountains near Bad Lauterberg.

In Romania , the numbers exceed 2,, the largest population in Europe outside of Russia , although most experts consider the official population numbers to be overestimated.

The lynx is more common in northern Europe, especially in Norway , Sweden , Estonia , Finland , and the northern parts of Russia.

The Swedish population is estimated to be — individuals, spread all over the country, but more common in middle Sweden and in the mountain range.

The lynx population in Finland was — individuals in , and the numbers have been increasing every year since The lynx population in Finland is estimated currently to be larger than ever before.

The endangered Iberian lynx lives in southern Spain and formerly in eastern Portugal. There is an Iberian lynx reproduction center outside Silves in the Algarve in southern Portugal.

The two Lynx species in North America, Canada lynx and bobcats , are both found in the temperate zone. While the bobcat is common throughout southern Canada, the continental United States and northern Mexico, the Canada lynx is present mainly in boreal forests of Canada and Alaska.

The lynx is considered a national animal in North Macedonia [36] [37] and is displayed on the reverse of the 5 denar coin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the genus of wild cat. For other uses, see Lynx disambiguation. Genus of mammals medium-sized wild cats.

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March 24, Archived from the original PDF on October 18, Retrieved May 30, The Guardian. Canada lynx eat mice, squirrels, and birds, but prefer the snowshoe hare.

The lynx are so dependent on this prey that their populations fluctuate with a periodic plunge in snowshoe hare numbers that occurs about every ten years.

Bigger Eurasian lynx hunt deer and other larger prey in addition to small animals. Lynx mate in early spring or late winter. About two months later, females give birth to a litter of one to four young.

Canada lynx have been hunted and trapped for their fur for hundreds of years, but the levels of northern populations have remained fairly stable over time.

Southern populations, especially those in the conterminous United States, are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation from logging and agricultural conversion, and many individuals are victims of vehicle strikes or are captured in traps meant for other species.

Reintroduction programs begun in the early 21st century, in which groups of animals were released in other parts of the Rocky Mountains , have met with moderate success.

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